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Buying Property

Below are some points to consider when buying a new home. The list does not cover every eventuality, but is merely a checklist of things to consider. Finding a new home can be a lengthy process and it may take a few viewing to select your dream home.

Select the area you wish to explore (County, Town, Village.)

Make a list of all the features / facilities you require.

Make a list of properties that match those requirements.

Before making an appointment to view, ask how long each property has been on the market and how many people have viewed the property.

Arrange viewings.

Allocate time to view each property.

View with estate agent, for both security reasons and for second opinion.

Arrive on time for your appointment & if you are delayed, contact the estate agent immediately.

View during daylight hours if possible.

Ask why the property is being sold.

Find out what is included in the sale price such as carpets, curtains, fixtures & fittings.

After each viewing make a list of the pros & cons of that property.

Research also on local facilities / amenities such as education, transport, health & leisure.

If you believe this is the property for you, call the estate agent & put in an offer.


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